Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Some information you might want to read...

This is where I apologise.  I should explain this myself but linking to websites is so much easier!

First of all, this makes essential reading.

It dispels a lot of myths that some of the British public and media love to complain about. 

David Camerons “kind” offer to take in 20,000 refugees from countries surrounding Syria isn’t quite what it seems.  First of all, no one in Calais, or any other country in Europe will receive any assistance to settle in the UK.  The people he has announced ‘we’ will help are those with health problems that need specialist treatment and women and children.  This means your average man fleeing from Syria won’t be entitled to this scheme.  Its a tokenistic gesture and won’t allow those fleeing horrific conditions in Sudan, Eritrea or Afghanistan come to the UK. Which will not make much difference to those who make that dangerous journey to reach safety because they will still have no other option.

I should explain a little about the Dublin Regulation.  But again. I’ll use a link to explain:

I feel the need to explain the situation in the main home countries of those within the camp. But I have searched the internet for useful links that explain the situations in these countries much better than I ever could.  Please do read these as they put things into perspective.


Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq


There are many more links out there. My advice is ignore anything from the media – its usually untrue and Wikipedia isn’t too factual either.  Look at websites like the UNHCR website for statistics and information or some of the agencies who work on the ground, like Mercy Corps.  They’re the guys who are reporting what is really going on.  The media always has another agenda.

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